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Check out our full list of tutorials here! Best Value. Get started with your book today! Get Started. Helena St. Our Blessed Mother is a sure and certain companion, drawing us closer to Jesus, and showing us the way to heaven. Thank you for this beautiful book. When she comes, she pleads with us to repent, to do penance and to pray the Rosary. This beautiful collection of meditations can help young people get into a wonderful habit right from the beginning of their walk with Jesus.

Twenty years later, Melanie and I are so grateful we have had the family Rosary as a daily norm all these years. Debbie has deftly integrated three of Pope St. As a full-time TOB and family evangelist, I am deeply impressed by the accessible, age-appropriate TOB principles naturally incorporated within the meditations.

This will not only help us say the Rosary, but to truly pray the mysteries together as a family. What a gift! It offers a beautiful path to come to know Christ, his mother, and our relationship to them, in grace filled and engaging terms. I pray that this book will bring blessings to children around the world and to those who care for them. I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your experiences with the book at tobrosary ruahwoods.

A world transformed to a culture of life and love where the dignity and sacredness of every person is upheld in every time and place. If so, please fill out the form below and be sure to include your prayer intentions. We will be praying for you.

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Every time you remember the intentions of this community you will be praying for all of them! I wanted to do a special gift for my boyfriend on our anniversary and I saw a LoveBook advertisement on Instagram. So I clicked and I liked the idea so I tried to create a book and OMG it was soo easy, they have looots of scenarios, you can change the objects of the scene, the outfit of the characters, their faces, the text I'm from Spain so I didn't know if I could write it in spanish but affortunately yes!!!! Also, I made some misspelling errors while writing it and not only they let me cancell the order and make all the changes I wanted although it clearly said this type of error was costumer responsability and if you approve your book this can't be undone , they also send me the cancelled one because it had shipped already!!!!!!

So i received 2 books instead of 1 only paying for one of them!!!! Amazing costumer service, quality, arrived on time.

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Will repeat for sure " Helpful Report. My only complaint that for the price point I found it incredibly tacky the the lovebook advertisements were placed INSIDE of the book without contesent, they have you approve the design of your custom book before placing the order. The quality of the pages, the printing and the service itself is really high. I also made some spelling mistakes while writing my personal sentences on the book and they so kindly gave me the opportunity to cancel my order and let me change my mistakes, even if it si clearly said that the spelling mistakes are the customer's responsibility.

Moreover the book was meant to arrive after 9 days and it arrived just after 3 days. Higly recommended.

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I totally love it! I am positively suprised of the given ideas, quality and the service. I can't wait to give this book to my boyfriend. After showing the book to two people the seam for the cover started to tear apart. I have requested a refund but they only want to send me a replacement.

What a rip off. I expect a refund to be given if I am unhappy with a product. This company has no sense of customer service!! Hello Grant, Thanks for the feedback.

In moments like these, we want to make sure our Customer Service Team is aware when a customer has an unpleasant experience. We also take the appropriate steps to review all correspondence between the customer and our CS Team. Saying all of that, we have verified that our Customer Service Team followed through on addressing your original issue and took proper steps in finding a acceptable resolution.

When a customer notifies they have a potential issue with their LoveBook, our service team responds swiftly; in your case, offering to reprocess your order and expedite the shipping. This option is offered as many of customers create their books with a special occasion or holiday in mind. In the few times this type of situation occurs, our first goal if possible is providing the customer a replacement LoveBook before their special occasion or holiday. Thanks - LoveBook Posted 9 months ago.

Blair Noel. Ordered it a month before the big day to allow for any delays. It came early which was great! February 5th came and went and I still don't have the item.

I reached out to them on Feb. They informed me that they refunded me the shipping fee and will let me know once they send the item. I've reached out to them 3 or 4 more times after the 6th and they just completely ignored all my attempts at trying to find out where my order is. I tried using the Contact Form and facebook but all my messages were left unanswered. At this point, I just want to cancel the whole thing and for them to give me my money back, but unfortunately, that's also hard to do when you couldn't even get a hold of them. Brittany Unger. I only received one email and it was of my receipt.

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The product is nice but I will never use this company again, nor will I ever recommend them. Catherine Hamilton.