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And throughout the period, empires and nation-states incorporated different ideas of territory. But has globalization finally ushered in a post-territorial age?

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Reservations are requested because of limited seating. To reserve a seat at the seminar, contact Miriam Cunningham at ext The seminar is sponsored jointly by the National History Center an initiative of the American Historical Association and the Wilson Center and facilitates the understanding of contemporary affairs in light of historical knowledge of all times and places, and from multiple perspectives Click for the Spring schedule and topics, as well as links to videos of past presentations. It weighs an estimated 6 million tonnes—and rising up at feet meters , it was unsurpassed as the tallest structure for thousands of years.

The timeline below skips ahead over 3, years after the construction of the Great Pyramid, as the reign of cathedrals begins to take over, starting with the Old St. The Lincoln Cathedral enjoyed its title of tallest structure for over years, until the St. However, all three of these cathedrals suffered serious damage for some reason or another: towers or spires collapsed, the buildings caught on fire, or were struck by lightning.

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The construction of religious monuments continued well into the late 19th century, with the Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais to the Cologne cathedral. Several cathedrals were originally constructed years prior, but only gained the title of tallest structure once the Great Pyramid had significantly eroded by about 33 feet 10 meters. Though the majority of the Monument is marble, its apex is aluminum and bears several inscriptions on each face.

The Eiffel Tower likely needs no introduction—the Parisian cultural icon became the tallest in the world in Between and , the tallest man-made constructions were all TV towers, mostly located across the United States, and the Warsaw Radio Mast in Poland. This epic attempt to condense the history of the world — including the rise and fall of empires — fits into a single video.

You may be familiar with the achievements of prominent societies like the Romans, Mongols, or Babylonians, but how do all of their stories intertwine over time and geography?

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Nearby societies have always been on edge when nomadic tribes in the Eurasian Steppe entered into organized confederations. Similar to the Huns or various Turk federations, the Mongols were known for their proficiency with horses, bows, and tactics like the feigned retreat. Later on, it fragmented into smaller empires that were also quite notable in the context of world history.

The video also shows other vital stats, such as an estimate of global population through the ages. In the midth century, you can see this number take a rare U-turn, as millions of people die from the infamous and deadly Bubonic Plague.

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There is no exact figure on the final death toll, but historians estimate it to be somewhere between 75 and million people throughout Eurasia. This colonial period marks the beginning of globalization, creating wide-ranging impacts that set the stage for more modern history. While it is certainly ambitious, not everyone will agree that this is a successful attempt at portraying world history — even in the limited scope of time allotted.

One key detail that seems to be missing, for example, is showing the development of the indigenous societies that existed in North America for thousands of years. Despite the possible flaws, the video does pack a lot of information into a short period of time, creating a compelling opportunity for learning and discussion.

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Email address. Connect with us. Mapped: The Territorial Evolution of the U. The sun almost never sets on the American Empire. Here are five of the largest expansion events in U. Scratching the Surface The examples above are only a brief overview of the complex evolution of shifting territorial claims in America.

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Published 4 weeks ago on August 28, By Iman Ghosh. Cathedral Creation: — CE The timeline below skips ahead over 3, years after the construction of the Great Pyramid, as the reign of cathedrals begins to take over, starting with the Old St.